About Us

Paulai Tech is founded by the Entrepreneurs in Baltics region based on professional experience in Deep Tech and STEM Education.

Monika Paulė, PhD (CEO, Co-Founder)

Monika Paulė is experienced Entrepreneur & Innovations Expert. She has co-founded and developed several companies in deep tech field, as well as worked in various corporate positions and academia on high tech business development, technology transfer and marketing. Monika Paulė has been involved in many international R&D projects aimed at research commercialization and bringing it to society. Monika Paulė also holds PhD in Management and with research interests in sustainability and innovations topics. She has co-authored a book about Teenagers Influence on Innovative Products Purchase.

Žymantas Paulas (CTO, Co-Founder)

Žymantas Paulas is leading iOS/macOS Developer with more than 8 years of experience while developing very successful B2C applications for Apple platforms and creating fast, reliable and easy to use solutions for home users. He had been working in IT for more than 13 years, developing various solutions to B2B and B2C clients in insurance, finance and consumer industries. Žymantas Paulas has deep knowledge on Internet Marketing and Finance.