About Heading

Paulai Tech is developing a platform Universe for Kids to:

  • • ENABLE kids to explore different Research & Professional activities in real organizational environment
  • • HELP kids to understand how Science & Technology are applied based on Augmented Reality
  • • INTEGRATE different STEM disciplines in one platform though Artificial Intelligence enchased interaction of playing and learning
  • • ATTRACT kids to STEM disciplines and to choose Technology related studies and occupations.


Universe for Kids platform enables to solve major problems of technological education:

  • • Lack of professionals with STEM skills.
  • • High drop out of higher education due to lacking competencies from primary & secondary school.
  • • Limited grow potential of high added value technological business.
  • • Children are not interested in STEM curriculum.
  • • Teachers lack capabilities and knowledge of STEM teaching.
  • • Schools lack of STEM related teaching facilities.
  • • Only a small fraction of kids could experience various research facilities live.
  • • Organizations have limited capacities to engage with kids onsite.


  • • Universe for Kids platform introduce and provide real experience how different research centres, companies operate.
  • • Universe for Kids is an interactive platform based on augmented reality (ARKit, RealityKit and ARCore technologies).
  • • Universe for Kids platform is accessible to kids without any additional specific equipment.
  • • Universe for Kids supports the most popular platforms: iOS and Android